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Gorey Chamber has an exciting new opportunity to spotlight your business on our website, Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is email us on businesstipoftheweek@goreychamber.ie. with your business tip of the week  and we will select business every week at random and publish it on social media platforms . It is a great way to share your knowledge with other members !.. Don’t miss out Email us now.  

13/6/17 by Saba Owias of Gorey Chamber 
The New Age Marketing 

"Marketing is the key element to get people talking baout your business therefore its time to ditch the traditional habits that dont translate into the digital world and get online and showcase what you have to offer as a bsuiness" 

18/4/17 by Saba Owias of Gorey Chamber

Make a Report!

"The easiest way to survive in any market is to know that market inside out. Do your research and find all the data you can and put it into a report to better analyse market trend, growth & penetration"

28/3/17 by Philip Cullen of South East Financial Services

"What problem does your business solve? Focus on that!"

14/3/17 by Saba Owias 
customer Service is the key 

"The reality is your customers won't notice individual skills in your customer service but what they'll remember is how they felt about your intercation with them". 

7/12/16 by Walt Disney

“The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing” 

11/11/16 by anonymous

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

2/11/16  by Colin Powell

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result op preparation, hard work and learning from failure”

14/10/16 by anonymous

“While most people dream of success winners wake up and work hard to achieve it”

7/10/16 by Dave Howick FHM Accountants

“Have an ultimate goal and a plan for how to get there, you wouldn’t set out on a long car journey without knowing your destination, not unless you want to waste an awful a lot of time and money. The same applies to your business. If you don’t know what your goal is then you have no target to focus on. Your decision making  becomes reactive since there is no forward –looking element to it. Whatever the stage your business is at taking time to think about what you are actually trying to achieve is invaluable so if you havn’t already done so…

Take a blank piece of paper.

Mentally put to one side all your current problems, issues and constraints.

Write down in bullet-point fashion what it is that you really want to acheive with your business. This should be no more than half a dozen points but could be as few as one.

Frame It! Now you have some goals.

Now let's return to the car journey. You know your destination, but that's not enough on a long trip. You need a map or a Sat-Nav to get you there; otherwise you run the risk of a wrong turn at every junction. In business, Knowing your goals is a big step forward but it is equally important that you have a plan for getting there. A business plan will show you the most effective route and will tell you what's possible and what changes are needed. Guesswork is removed from your decision-making.  
Creating an effective business plan isn't a five-minute excercise. Critically it must be your plan, not something put together by an accountant to keep your bank happy. However, it is very difficult to create an achievable and meaningful plan without a trained professional to guide and assist you and your accountant should be ideal for this role. The plan should never be seen as fixed. It will continue to evolve, both during it's creation and implementation.

Contact them at 0863826226

20/09/16 by Mathew McGee from Delegator
“Renew your company’s domain name for 10 years. Google takes your business more seriously, and there’s fewer chances to forget to renew”




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