Now available in 'Bodhi' - Health, Wellness & Nutrition Clinic Gorey, Wexford. Starting 29th January. Places limited.

There are currently two highly successful courses available for school teachers who wish to teach mindfulness within their school. These are the ( .b course) for secondary school teachers and the (Paws b course) for primary school teachers.

Participants need to have completed an MBSR course in advance and received an official MBSR certificate of completion to meet the Prerequisites for training. This is to ensure teachers have an strong experiential understanding of mindfulness and have an established personal practice.


Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) 8-week course uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and yoga, to assist people coping with Stress related to pain and a range of life issues.

It’s a specific 8-week group program that focuses upon the progressive acquisition of mindful awareness through meditation and body exercises. Weekly 2hr 30 mins group classes are held, with a one-day retreat (six-hour mindfulness practice) between sessions six and seven. Participants commit to a 45 minute daily practice at home, throughout the course. Instruction in three formal techniques: mindfulness meditation, body scanning and simple yoga postures are given.

Body scanning is a formal mindfulness technique taught during the first four weeks of the workshop, it entails quietly lying on one’s back and focusing one’s attention on various regions of the body, starting with the toes and moving up slowly to the top of the head. This technique is supported with the use of a Guided CD for home use.


The MBSR course is designed to bring you beyond a taster level of mindfulness. It is designed to give you an in-debt practical and experiential understanding of mindfulness. It is designed to help you establish a solid personal daily mindfulness practice, and to integrate it into your daily home / work life. Once you have completed the MBSR course you will be eligible to apply for further professional training.

Further training takes place in the Sanctuary in Dublin and is administered by the MISP (Mindfulness in Schools project).

To follow this event please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/383726538727291/


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gorey chamber of commerce business gorey wexford

gorey chamber of commerce business gorey wexford

gorey chamber of commerce business gorey wexford

gorey chamber of commerce business gorey wexford

gorey chamber of commerce business gorey wexford

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